Case Study: Charlie the Toller

We have been working with 5 month old Toller puppy Charlie to help improve his recall and focus.

Charlie’s profile:

  • Very friendly and often distracted by other dogs, who he will run up to.
  • Distracted by smells and has selective hearing at times.

Charlie is still very young, so it’s fantastic that his owners are keen to get some support and improve his recall. Puppies and younger dogs are still very much so learning about the world around them at Charlie’s age, so it’s not surprising that he’s keen to meet other dogs and investigate interesting scents.

That said, the key to good recall is teaching your dog that it pays to be around you, and that you are fun! To be successful in this, you need to know your dog and understand what makes them tick. Knowing what motivates your dog is a very powerful pocket of knowledge in any aspect of training, but especially so when encouraging your dog to stay close by.

When teaching your dog recall, it’s imperative that you have full control of you dog at all times, as this is required by law. If you even have the smallest reservation about letting your dog off lead, then don’t! Allowing your dog to run up to other dogs (particularly those on lead) can be very inconvenient for other people, not to mention dangerous in certain scenarios. We would therefore recommend getting a long line, which is exactly what Charlie’s owners have done. This allows the dog the space to exercise and practice recall, but it also ensures your dog’s safety.

We are pleased to report that since Charlie started his recall training, he has already made amazing progress, thanks to his owners’ hard work and commitment. We will be continuing to work on Charlie’s focus and engagement training over the next few weeks.

Does Charlie’s case sound familiar? Get in touch here if you are in need of some friendly help and support.

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