Case Study: Enzo the Doberman

We’ve been working with two year old Enzo and his owners to help with reactive barking and suspected separation anxiety.

Enzo’s profile:

  • Barks at external noises which often escalates into a barking frenzy.
  • Struggles to settle when triggered by external factors, meaning that his owners lack confidence leaving him for extended periods of time.

Often, when dogs are triggered by something outside, we recommend moving the dog to a space further towards the back of the house. This is not an option in Enzo’s case, so instead, Enzo’s owners have been doing DMT training with him, to desensitise him to outside noises.

Enzo’s reactions are unpredictable, and this has unfortunately made his owners fear leaving him at all, unless they can watch him on the camera. When absolutely necessary, he is left for up to an hour and a half, but understandably, Enzo’s owners would like more confidence in being able to leave him alone for more extended periods of time.

Since we first started supporting Enzo, he has made fantastic progress. We have gone back to basics in terms of building up his stamina in being left alone, and in just a week, Enzo has been left for up to 55 minutes with no adverse reactions. What a clever boy!

We are excited to see how much more progress Enzo makes in the coming weeks.

Does Enzo’s case sound familiar? Get in touch here if you’d like us to help.

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