Case Study: Bailey the Havanese

Bailey is a lovely 8 month old Havanese puppy, who has already formed a very strong bond with his owners. As a lockdown puppy, Bailey and his owners have had to overcome several challenges in terms of managing Bailey’s needs and working from home.

Bailey’s profile:

  • Suffers from separation anxiety when apart from owners at home, such as during a work call.
  • Demand barks both for attention and for treats.
  • Distracted on walks and lacks focus.

We’ve started Bailey’s training journey by firstly encouraging good focus and obedience skills. Teaching your dog focus is such a fantastic foundation skill, and can be used as a building block for all kinds of behaviour training. Bailey has been working on his ‘settle’ command as a way to settle him at home, and we are using rewards to teach Bailey that being calm pays off!

We’ve also discussed the importance of active training, as well as passive training, as a way of managing and positively reinforcing desired behaviours. Whilst frozen Kongs and Lickimats are an excellent way to distract your dog for a short period of time, and a fabulous tool for enrichment, it’s also important that owners are actively involved in teaching their dog how to behave by directly instructing and rewarding, and doing this continuously until the dog can independently meet expectations.

Bailey has already made progress in terms of his ‘settle’ command in a very short period of time, and we are really looking forward to seeing him improve even more in the coming weeks. He’ll be taking on the ‘quiet’ command next!

Does any of this sound familiar? Let us know here if you need some support like Bailey and his owners, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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