My Story

Dogs are at the very heart of what I do.

Our Ethos

For as long as I can remember, dogs have been my biggest inspiration. I was lucky enough to grow up in the rolling hills of Somerset, and we’ve had dogs since I was three years old. I spent my childhood with collies (my favourite was a collie cross named Maggie), and since then, we have had a variety of loving family dogs.

In 2019, everything changed when I welcomed my own lovely dog into my life, Obi. It was only then that I could really understand and appreciate the bond that exists between a dog and their owner. In an instant, he became the single most important thing in my life.

It is so important not to put this bond in any kind of jeopardy when training your dog. Trust is arguably the most powerful tool that you have, and being able to use your connection with your dog to communicate and adjust behaviours is imperative.

This is why I believe in using positive reinforcement and reward based methods, as this approach allows us to preserve, and in many ways strengthen, the bond that exists between you and your dog.

How I work

Having been a secondary school teacher for more than seven years, good teaching and learning forms the foundation of how I work with my clients. It’s important to me that owners and their dogs feel confident, supported, and optimistic about their training, and I aim to inspire and motivate in everything that I do.

I provide a supportive, encouraging, and compassionate service, and understand how detrimental your dog’s behaviour can be to your wellbeing, as well as your dog’s. That’s why I offer my clients round the clock support, in addition to my more specific services.

Putting theory into practice

My goal with every client is for them to become confident and knowledgable enough to not need me anymore. It’s not just about training dogs, it’s also about teaching owners how to train their own dogs independently. All of my methods are widely practised and scientifically proven, supported by research into both canine and human psychology. Theory also underpins all of my practice: I completed my diploma in Canine Behaviour Training with ‘distinction’ in 2019, and then went on to acquire my Level 3 Accredited Qualification in Principles of Dogs Training and Behaviour, provided by the IMDT and Open College Network. As well as this, I am also a member of the IMDT, having passed my IMDT Membership Assessment with ‘Distinction’, and am Canine First Aid trained. I have a wealth of experience working with a range of different breeds, and I have worked as a Canine Assistant at the Dogs Trust centre in Harefield. I also have experience in fostering and rehabilitating rescue dogs ahead of rehoming, and currently volunteer for Rescue Remedies near Gatwick.

The first step in successfully training your dog is acknowledging that you need support, and I am here to help you in every way that I can. Get in touch via our contact page, and we’ll chat soon!

Antonia 🐾

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