Case Study: Bailey the Havanese

Bailey is a lovely 8 month old Havanese puppy, who has already formed a very strong bond with his owners. As a lockdown puppy, Bailey and his owners have had to overcome several challenges in terms of managing Bailey’s needs and working from home. Bailey’s profile: Suffers from separation anxiety when apart from owners atContinue reading “Case Study: Bailey the Havanese”

Case Study: Enzo the Doberman

We’ve been working with two year old Enzo and his owners to help with reactive barking and suspected separation anxiety. Enzo’s profile: Barks at external noises which often escalates into a barking frenzy. Struggles to settle when triggered by external factors, meaning that his owners lack confidence leaving him for extended periods of time. Often,Continue reading “Case Study: Enzo the Doberman”

Case Study: Charlie the Toller

We have been working with 5 month old Toller puppy Charlie to help improve his recall and focus. Charlie’s profile: Very friendly and often distracted by other dogs, who he will run up to. Distracted by smells and has selective hearing at times. Charlie is still very young, so it’s fantastic that his owners areContinue reading “Case Study: Charlie the Toller”

Case Study: Milly the Bichon Frise

Milly is a lovely little 4 year old Bichon Frise who has had very little experience off lead. She can be nervous around some dogs, and she needs a bit of help with this. Milly’s profile: Reactive to some dogs when approached (shows teeth and growls when other dogs come too close). Little to noContinue reading “Case Study: Milly the Bichon Frise”