Tiffany & Alfie

Antonia has been a great help in the early stages with our Cavapoochon puppy and has also been amazing with our Assistance Dog training. After the very first session, Alfie could comfort my daughter when she was struggling with her emotions. Antonia always has very practical and simple advice. Alfie absolutely loves her! When she leaves, he always cries at the door for ages. We’d highly recommend her!

Kevin & Charlie

A friend recommended Antonia to us. We have a 2 year old English Cocker Spaniel who is the most amazing dog and we needed the training to make his life easier. He also had some possessive ball issues, with recall and lead walking not great either.

Antonia arranged a video call and then an in person session. The video call was amazing as it allowed us to work on some easy training which was then used during our in person training.

I just can’t believe how much as been achieved within such a short time and Charlie is clearly so much happier as he knows exactly what is required and not confused between us trying loads of different techniques.

Antonia is a gifted trainer who understands how to communicate with us as much as Charlie to get the best results.

We just can’t wait for our next session and the ability to do online or in person with the same results is a huge plus!

Tim, Charlie & Atlas

Our puppy Atlas is anxious and highly reactive to other dogs, making our walks uncomfortable. Antonia was a breath of fresh air from our very first session.

She built a bond with Atlas very quickly, took time to consult with us and help us understand some of the root causes of his reactivity, and clearly explained the options ahead. She made us feel at ease instantly.

Though we have a journey ahead of us, she is the second trainer that we’ve worked with and we’re confident that she will be our last. Her passion for dogs and caring nature has not only left us feeling highly confident in her abilities, but also means that every session is fun and engaging, and I think Atlas has fallen in love!

Billy & Jameson

Antonia was recommended to us by one of my friends Jack and our amazing dog walker/sitter Becky at Colliers Woof. Antonia has helped us with our dogs separation anxiety by giving us a practical plan in steps that are easy to follow and are achievable. She has also helped us with his reactivity/fear when meeting new people. I have seen a big positive difference in our dog, he’s happier which in turn means we’re happier. Bravo!

Jessie & Zeyla

Antonia has been brilliant helping me with the first stages of training for our black Labrador puppy and I am so impressed with how quickly she gets Zeyla to interact with her and pay attention. Antonia is so clear with her guidance and explains so clearly the steps to take with each session. Being a typical greedy Labrador, and knowing she will be rewarded for good behaviour, Zeyla is getting to grips with her re-call and loose lead walking quite quickly. I look forward to continuing to work with Antonia and with the homework I put in having a very well-trained Labrador! All thanks to Antonia and her advice.

Holly & Frog

Couldn’t recommend Antonia more. We’ve found her puppy training classes really useful! She’s also helped us learn how best for my puppy and family dog to interact as they didn’t get on the best (overly excited puppy and grumpy adult). She always explains why different commands are necessary and has given us an understanding and insight into our dog’s body language. The dogs coexist great together now (they’re even nap buddies!) and we know what to look for to make sure they’re both happy around each other!

Niamh & Wilbur

We’ve had three great sessions with Antonia. Working on skills specific to Wilbur’s breed to increase engagement and proximity, which is not easy! Thank you!

Emma, Dobby & Dougal

We’ve been working with Antonia for just over a month and are so happy with the progress both our dogs are making in such a short space of time. We contacted her following a recommendation from a friend to help with reactivity in both our miniature dachshunds after they were attacked on a walk one day. From the outset Antonia really just got it – she took the time to understand our concerns, was super reassuring and kind, and an absolute expert when it comes to managing different behaviours and putting in place manageable steps to help. The homework and report we get after each session are so helpful at keeping us on track between sessions, and she is also great at checking in to see how we’re doing and offer any advice. We can’t wait to keep working with Antonia and see more and more progress for both our boys!

Malcolm & Lola

Antonia has been helping us with our dog’s anxiety around strangers and other dogs since January. Antonia’s clear advice and endless encouragement has been wonderful and we have gained so much knowledge and confidence since training with her. Lola’s progress has been so amazing to see and our sessions always leave us feeling energised and happy. Lola loves her which is a testament to Antonia’s knowledge and kindness. We absolutely recommend her and cannot imagine being where we are now without her.

Karina & Bonnie

Antonia is just amazing! I have a very highly strung Cockerwestie called Bonnie, she is 19 months old and has had a lot to deal with in her short life

About 2 months ago, Bonnie took a very disruptive dislike to footballs, it was a real issue as she really went into a frenzy.

Enter Antonia, in just 2 sessions the difference in Bonnie is unbelievable, she still has a away to go, but she is so much better already. Antonia has given me the tools I need to go forward with her continued training.

I will definitely be booking follow up session with Antonia.

I highly recommend Antonia and will sing her praises from the roof tops!