Fiona & Pluto

Pluto and I have only had one session with Antonia so far, but we learned so much in those 45 minutes! Pluto is reactive towards dogs and Antonia explained and showed us how training based on distance and threshold worked. We’ve been working on this with a long lead (which Antonia also helped us use better!) and Pluto has already made improvements! Antonia was in contact with us over the phone before our first session together so we’d already talked about what kind of training Pluto needed, which meant we could focus solely on Pluto during the session. She was also very flexible with timings and allowed us to wait for a rain shower to pass before we started the session, which we hugely appreciated, especially with Pluto being a bit of a diva when it comes to rain! We received follow up notes via email after the session, which also included a bit on resource guarding, something I had just happened to mention at the end of the session, so that’s been great to continue our training at home and outdoors. We’re looking forward to seeing Antonia (and her super tasty treats!) again soon!