Mel & Ted

We adopted Ted through a Frenchie rehoming charity in June 2021 and he came with a truck load of issues; dog reactivity, fear aggression, separation anxiety and allergies galore.

Because of him still being quite young when we adopted him, we hoped that with some time, love, patience and training he would be better – we still have a way to go, but the improvements are huge!

Antonia has helped us massively. She gave us a call initially as we couldn’t find a date, and gave us tips and reassured us that we’d get there, which she didn’t have to do but wanted us to feel supported. In his first session, we worked on his focus and recall, and he’s had it down ever since. Ted really enjoyed the session and warmed to Antonia right away. She taught us these small little tips that we’d never really thought of, and how to utilise yummy treats and that’s it, recall down!

He’s been with us for about four months now and he’s practically a different dog. We’re super confident having him off the lead, know his signs to a tee, and can’t wait for our next session!