Maby & Milo

Ani is lovely! We were working on my little dog Milo’s reactivity. They connected right away and she gave me some great advice and super useful tips to continue working with him. I can’t recommend her enough!

Alex & Hazel

After a few tricky encounters with dogs off lead coming up to our nervous rescue (Hazel), we were really nervous of letting her interact with other dogs, not wanting any more bad experiences.

Antonia was amazing helping us arrange a session with her dog, Obi, which was just what we needed. We were able to watch their interaction, while Antonia talked us through the body language they were displaying and vocalisations they were making which left us way more confident to correctly read and guide Hazel’s interactions with other dogs in the future.

For the first time since adopting her we were able to see Hazel really engaging in play in a safe environment with another dog and she LOVED it.

Obi was a great role model and teacher telling Hazel when enough is enough and helping her regulate her play.

Sair & Betty

Thank you so much for helping Betty and I over the past six weeks in your group classes. It’s been a really valuable experience and has already changed our relationship and ability to be out and about stress free. It means so much to be able to work through any set-backs with her loose lead or reactivity with the tools you’ve given us. Only today I was approached by regulars in our local park to congratulate Betty on how improved she is this past month. They were watching and very jealous! Thank you again.

Fiona & Pluto

Antonia has been a real joy to connect with since the moment I found her page on Instagram! We’d been working one on one with her on my miniature dachshund’s reactivity around other dogs and this year started her outdoor group training classes which have been fantastic! She’s really focused on helping my dog build confidence around other dogs and has been so flexible in tailoring things to suit his needs. She shows genuine care for every individual dog and their owner and makes training fun and enjoyable for all involved!

Francesca & Cooper

I approached Antonia for some help with our Romanian rescue Cooper, who had a pretty traumatising start to his UK life with a neuter operation, 48 hour travel across Europe and two homes all within a week at only 7 months old.

He was exhibiting quite a lot of issues including being very reactive to people (including us) and barking constantly. As first time dog owners and with very little support from the rescue centre, we were really struggling.

I can’t thank Antonia enough for how kind and supportive she’s been to us through a difficult period. She has given us so much time responding to every question and worry over message as well as during sessions.

She is clearly very knowledgeable and has helped us really understand the causes of the behaviour and how best to help Cooper.

I honestly cannot recommend her enough!

Solene & Cesar

We started working with Antonia a few weeks ago and have already seen really good progress with our reactive dog.

She’s really good at working not only with our pooch but also with us, and gives us really easy to follow things to focus on and work on.

We’re really grateful for her help. Plus our pup loves her.

Lauren & Chester

Antonia is wonderful. She spent an hour with me and Chester on the common working on his recall and his excitement to play with other dogs, and she taught me so much about learning how to read his reactions and behaviour.

Chester’s recall since that session has been so much better, and her training approach was a breath of fresh air.

Cannot recommend her highly enough!

Loren & Milly

I spoke with Antonia online a few months ago about our Bichon Frise, Milly, who was very reactive towards other dogs on our walks. Antonia’s advice was excellent: she was so helpful and quick to give all the advice I could possibly need when dealing with Milly’s reactivity. She regularly communicated with me and was so happy to see any updates and videos of Milly’s progress.

I’m now seeking more help from Antonia about Milly’s fear of traffic when walking, and she’s given me great advice and methods to try and resolve the problem, which I hope to put into practice soon.

I would highly recommend The Suppawtive Dog Trainer to anyone. Milly is like a different dog in terms of reactivity and if anyone is dealing with similar problems, Antonia is the perfect person to go to!

Sian & Hazel

We initially went to Antonia for advice on managing our newly adopted rescue dog’s high prey drive and nervousness around other dogs.

She is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and has really helped us understand Hazel’s behaviour. She was able to give clear guidance on training, how to make training sessions fun and how to provide healthy, safe outlets for Hazel.

We leave our sessions feeling fully equipped to keep working on Hazel’s training and excited to see her progress. The difference we have already seen in her in such a short period has been huge thanks to Antonia.

Angie & Lola

Antonia has been helping our nervous and reactive rescue American bulldog to overcome her anxieties around dogs and strangers. I am so impressed with her commitment, knowledge and calm assessment and guidance for both us and Lola. I always leave our training sessions feeling better equipped to help Lola and Lola trusted her very quickly. Sessions are friendly, supportive and non judgemental and Antonia provides fabulous feedback on the sessions and clear guidance as to what to practice with Lola. After only two sessions I can already see improvements in Lola’s reactivity. I would absolutely recommend Antonia as a first class dog trainer.