Livvy & Margie

In the short time we have been working with Antonia, we have seen such a difference in our dachshund who, due to a quite traumatic start to life, can be incredibly nervous. It is obvious that Antonia really understands and cares about dogs. She is super reliable and gives clear instructions that we are able to work with on our own. She is also incredibly patient with all my worries! We are very grateful for all her help and look forward to more sessions together!

April & Pablo

Antonia is a pleasure to work with – she’s reliable, helpful, friendly and has a tremendously positive attitude towards all aspects of training. From our first point of contact I felt reassured that we were working with someone who really cared for the needs of our pup and understood that we needed clear, focused support and that is exactly what we received during training. I would recommend Antonia to anyone who needs support with their pup as she’s absolutely blown us away. After just one session the training has made a difference and we can see progress which is so encouraging – we can’t wait for our next session!

Sophie & Charlie

We contacted Antonia to help us with our puppy training, and in particular recall & fear of getting in the car. We asked many questions, and Antonia helped us at any time of day. She was amazing at giving us options for both recall & fear of the car, and she really took the time to get to know our dog & his behaviour. We are still on-going with some training & I would highly recommend!!

Mel & Ted

Antonia continues to give the best guidance for our dog Ted. He’s a stubborn little Frenchie and yet he responds SO well to her training! She really takes the time to understand what his triggers are, things that we as owners don’t always think about, and gives positive (and simple) solutions to all the behaviours we want to correct. Sometimes it’s not just about training the dog, but training us too! And so far it’s worked wonders – thank you!

Ciara & Mac

Antonia is the absolute best dog trainer! 10/10 would recommend. We’ve been training our now 8 month old cocker spaniel with Antonia from the beginning. At every stage she was able to guide us through new challenges, (long lead walking, short lead walking, concentration, stimulation games for inside, distraction training etc), and after a couple of sessions, Mac would really grasp the tools he learned at training, which would then become a normal part of our lives. All of the techniques and tools Antonia uses are super easy to understand and follow to allow for lots of practice outside of the one on one sessions. Mac loves his sessions with Antonia and comes back feeling positive and proud of himself when he’s mastered a new skill 😊 we continue to understand Mac better through our training sessions which helps us understand how to help him.

Chloe & Duke

Antonia has helped so much with my dog, Duke, who’s had some separation anxiety after lockdown and also some fear of children. She was patient, took time to really understand our needs and Duke’s particular triggers. She helped me to understand where the change in Duke’s behaviour might have come from and really practical and positive techniques for overcoming them. Duke is now happier, more content and more confident when left alone for short periods or when we’re out at the park/busy times of day. She’s been a complete star to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to get back in touch in future if we needed any more advice or support.

Joe, Holly, & Odi

Thanks so much to Antonia who has done some outstanding work with our Labrador puppy and not only helped train him, but helped train us too! Odi loves his sessions with Antonia and we always leave happy (and tired – an added bonus as Odi sleeps for almost 3 hours after a fun filled session!).

Antonia takes time to not only teach us how to do things, but also why, which really helps us. I’ve been cautious with recall and want to build up sensibly to letting him off lead (when he’s ready and we can trust him not to bother other people and dogs) and Antonia is helping us safely work up to this, step by step.

We’re so grateful for all of Antonia’s advice and support, and we’re enjoying seeing our pup grow into a lovely boy! Thank you!

Mary & Zeke

Antonia’s guidance was really impactful. In our first session, we we able to quickly reinforce my dog’s recall with just a few adjustments to my practice, which showed immediate improvement, and it helped to boost my confidence to know that I was on the right track. We are looking forward to our next session!

Mel & Ted

We adopted Ted through a Frenchie rehoming charity in June 2021 and he came with a truck load of issues; dog reactivity, fear aggression, separation anxiety and allergies galore.

Because of him still being quite young when we adopted him, we hoped that with some time, love, patience and training he would be better – we still have a way to go, but the improvements are huge!

Antonia has helped us massively. She gave us a call initially as we couldn’t find a date, and gave us tips and reassured us that we’d get there, which she didn’t have to do but wanted us to feel supported. In his first session, we worked on his focus and recall, and he’s had it down ever since. Ted really enjoyed the session and warmed to Antonia right away. She taught us these small little tips that we’d never really thought of, and how to utilise yummy treats and that’s it, recall down!

He’s been with us for about four months now and he’s practically a different dog. We’re super confident having him off the lead, know his signs to a tee, and can’t wait for our next session!

Susie & Bobby

Antonia was very patient, encouraging and knowledgeable in our recent lead pulling training session. She taught us some great foundation tips which we can already see have started to make a difference. We look forward to making even further progress in our next session.