Amy & Lyra

Our Labrador Lyra is now 8 months old and we have had lots of training sessions with Antonia. We have worked on walking to heel, good manners, recall and retrieval. We are all very much so looking forward to learning some fancy new tricks in our future sessions. With the support of Antonia, Lyra now spends her weekdays at school helping to boost pupil and staff wellbeing, and her weekends are spent exploring the parks and having a well deserved snooze!

Fiona & Pluto

Pluto and I have only had one session with Antonia so far, but we learned so much in those 45 minutes! Pluto is reactive towards dogs and Antonia explained and showed us how training based on distance and threshold worked. We’ve been working on this with a long lead (which Antonia also helped us use better!) and Pluto has already made improvements! Antonia was in contact with us over the phone before our first session together so we’d already talked about what kind of training Pluto needed, which meant we could focus solely on Pluto during the session. She was also very flexible with timings and allowed us to wait for a rain shower to pass before we started the session, which we hugely appreciated, especially with Pluto being a bit of a diva when it comes to rain! We received follow up notes via email after the session, which also included a bit on resource guarding, something I had just happened to mention at the end of the session, so that’s been great to continue our training at home and outdoors. We’re looking forward to seeing Antonia (and her super tasty treats!) again soon!

Hannah & Rupert

Antonia has been working with us and our 10 month old Cavapoochon, Rupert, predominantly on settling and recall. We have already seen such a huge improvement in Rupert’s attention and commands. As a lockdown pup, we haven’t been able to take him to many places with us, but with Antonia’s advice, we’ve felt comforted and secure when introducing him to new and busy environments, and he’s becoming a lot more calm and relaxed. I cannot recommend Antonia enough – she has such a great way with Rupert, is really flexible and tailors the sessions according to our desires. She has been a great sounding board for advice and we can’t wait to see more of her magic!

Matt, Fre & TK

Antonia is amazing with our little puppy TK. He has had two training sessions so far and he has made great progress! His focus has increased a lot and he is much better with his recall. Antonia also taught us a lot of useful tricks to understand TK and be better dog parents! We would highly recommend.

Yas & Gus

We did another 1-1 training session for Gus with Antonia and what an improvement we have seen so far! Antonia showed us how to steer Gus away from situations through the use of treats and improved recall. He has been fantastic since and doesn’t leave our side. Would highly recommend! It helped that Gus fell in love with Antonia the minute he met her!

Evan & Wally

Wally loved his time with Antonia during our 1-1 session. After the very first session, he was already able to focus on me, despite multiple distractions. We also worked on lead walking and he got on so well! We can’t wait for the next few sessions and to see Wally learn even more.

Lucy & Betsy

We’ve only had one training session so far with Antonia, and already have been given so much advice and tips to move forward with. The training session itself was fun and professional at the same time. Antonia has a fantastic way with dogs and developed an immediate bond with Betsy. We can’t wait for our next session.

Amy, Kit & Rudi

We adopted our little rescue dog Rudi, and after he had initially settled in, we wanted to help both him and us with some training. We were totally baffled by all of the conflicting information available on the internet! We found Antonia’s page and decided to jump right in for a consultation, and from the first session, both us and Rudi grew in such confidence. The training is positive based, which was just how we wanted it to be, and really clear steps about how to put these methods into practice were given straight away. Antonia has given amazing support and is always on hand for questions. She really made us feel so confident and supported. We could not recommend her more highly for anyone and any dog who needs to be given a great routine.

Sophie & Charlie

Antonia has been super helpful with Charlie’s training. His recall and focus on us has definitely improved over the past few weeks. Antonia introduced us to using the whistle for recall training, as we realised that Charlie reacts to high pitched noises when he is distracted by other dogs. We’ve had several positive milestones over the last few weeks, and we feel so much more confident when out and about with him enjoying our walks. Thank you!

Yas & Gus

Antonia has been so helpful in supporting with the training of Gus. He was pulling on the lead and resource guarding his ball out on walks. With guidance from Antonia, we have been able to get Gus walking to heel with virtually no pulling. There is still some progress to be made with the ball, but we feel confident that we will get there!